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Connect Cause takes care of your technology solutions so that you have time to work toward your mission.

Nonprofit organizations have enough on their plates without having to worry about managing their information technology. Many times, they don’t have the internal resources necessary to keep this aspect of their operations running as smoothly as they need them to. This is why so many choose Connect Cause to be their managed IT support provider. As an MSP for nonprofits, our experts handle many of the everyday tasks associated with IT to take the burden off their shoulders. Our services have the potential to drastically improve how well your systems function and make it easier to fulfill your organization’s mission.

With managed IT services for associations and nonprofits, we focus on your entire IT infrastructure to deliver the reliability, performance and security that your board, donors and members expect. By spending less time on technology issues, you’ll have more time to serve and impact the community. Plus, our IT solutions and support empower your organization to make spreading awareness easier.

From organizing and optimizing your IT infrastructure – including servers, computers and your network – to planning your technology strategy, we help you bridge the gap between supporting your cause and strengthening your foundation. And, as you meet your goals and face new challenges, we’ll talk you through new strategies, update your plan and implement new solutions to help you overcome roadblocks.

server and network management

Server & Network Management

We clean up your servers and network to reduce downtime and keep your systems working efficiently.

PC and Mac support

PC & Mac Support

Don’t let printer problems or Wi-Fi issues stop you in your tracks – we provide remote computer support.

IT consulting services

Strategic IT Consulting

We’ll give you the confidence to make strategic IT decisions that empower your organization or association.

IT help desk services

IT Help Desk Services

No matter what time of day, our help desk is answered by a friendly voice ready to solve your IT problems.

network design and installation

Network Design & Installation

Don’t let old or forgotten cables cause a fire hazard. We’ll design and install an organized wire solution.

hourly IT support

Project & Hourly IT Support

We assign an engineer to provide on-demand support for your specific project and offer IT assistance.

data management plan

Data Management Plan

When it comes to storing and protecting your data, we’ll create a strategic plan to make managing information easier.

donor relationship management

Donor Relationship Management

Strengthen your donor relationships with strategies that maximize retention, engagement and investment.

virtual CIO services

Virtual CIO Services

Our vCIO creates a strategic roadmap for your organization, so you never feel lost navigating the next steps.

How Our Managed Services Help Nonprofits

How Our Managed Services
Help Non-Profits

How Our
Managed Services
Help Non-Profits

Your day is full of conversations with donors or potential donors, informing the community of your cause, organizing your next fundraiser and collaborating with volunteers on how to spread awareness. But that doesn’t leave much room for you to update, monitor and manage your technology solutions.

Our managed IT services for nonprofits alleviate the responsibility of taking care of your servers, computers, network and other technology and let your team focus on what they do best while empowering them with the tools and resources to do it.

As a leading managed IT service provider, our goal is to provide your organization or association with everything you need to gain measurable results. By implementing best practices, embracing strategic initiatives and adopting innovative solutions that bridge communication gaps, we’ll make communicating with donors, volunteers and board members simple. With proactive support, we’ll monitor the status of your systems and if any issues arise, we’ll take care of them – often resolving the problem before you even know it exists.

A Word from Our Staff

A Word from
Our Staff

I started working for Connect Cause after 10 years of experience working in the nonprofit sector. That experience has made me very aware that those who are doing some of our community’s most important work are lacking the technology that most take for granted. Majority are suffering with budget restrictions, capacity issues, funding gaps and must learn how to do their job by “making do” while productivity suffers. Working at Connect Cause has given me an opportunity to empower some of those organizations to do more good in the community through our ability to provide budget friendly solutions that optimize workflow efficiency and improve overall organizational productivity. I truly believe that Connect Cause is affecting change through the power of technology!

Lisa BranchOperations Manager