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Connect Cause Partner Spotlight: Fractional Procurement Group

Nothing is worse than surprises when it comes to finances. Getting an invoice for a contract that automatically renewed can be a major issue, especially for nonprofits who are trying to devote every minute and every dollar to their mission.

When that surprise invoice hits your inbox or mailbox, it can impact your entire operation as you are forced to reallocate precious time and monies to take care of it.

Connect Cause’s partnership with the Fractional Procurement Group has allowed both companies the ability to reduce the costs involved with upgrading an organization’s technology.

“We make sure clients are good stewards of their money, have good partnerships with their vendors, and are paying market rate for their products,” said Andy Crawford, founder and CEO of Fractional Procurement Group. “The idea of cutting costs resonates with everyone, but it resonates even more with nonprofits because they are trying to do the most they can with every single dollar.”

Likewise, Connect Cause offers affordable technology solutions to nonprofit organizations to make them more efficient, more available, and more cost-effective.

“Connect Cause and the Fractional Procurement Group have similar goals of helping organizations save time and money so that they can focus more on fulfilling their missions and serving their communities,” said Connect Cause CEO Ahmad Eied. “Many nonprofits are missing tools that are vital to their success simply because of limited budgets and staffs who are unable to handle all of their technology needs in-house. Connect Cause and the Fractional Procurement Group are dedicated to making sure technology is a success driver and not a roadblock.”

Fractional Procurement Group has a four-step process to save an organization time and money:

1. Spend Analysis and Savings Assessment
Fractional Procurement Group will work to understand your spending strategies and identify strategic ways to reduce expenses with a custom plan for your organization.

2. Locate Existing Agreements
The first step in organizing your contracts to make sure nothing slips through the cracks is simply to locate all of your existing agreements. Few organizations know where all of their agreements are, when they renew, or what the cost of a renewal is as compared to the previous year. Fractional Procurement Group will collect the agreements that you are able to locate and work with vendors to obtain copies of others. All contracts are then loaded into an easily accessible database with a “Red, Yellow, Green” labeling system so that you will never miss another renewal.

3. Secure Vendor Savings / Audit Pricing
No one wants to overpay for anything. Fractional Procurement Group’s experts will work with vendors to ensure that the correct pricing and terms are in place. They will also review proposed agreements to make sure there aren’t any hidden terms or fees that will surprise you later.

4. Continue Ongoing Procurement Best Practices
The final step is to manage contracts, suppliers’ performance and set up best practices, including a detailed RFP schedule for key categories. They will also set up account business reviews with key suppliers and supplier/spend optimization.

Connect Cause and Fractional Procurement Group have worked together with several nonprofits—like Hayes Barton Baptist Church—to find quality technology solutions to meet their budget.

“Working with Connect Cause and Fractional Procurement Group has given us so much peace of mind knowing that our technology and contracts are in order so that we can focus more attention on serving our congregation,” said Lisa Anthony of Hayes Barton Baptist Church. “By partnering with these two organizations, we are saving valuable time and money, while getting first-class service and 24-7 tech support.”

Is your nonprofit in need of updated software, or help with your current contracts? Contact Andy Crawford with the Fractional Procurement Group today. Need help with cloud support, social and mobile technologies, voice over IP (VoIP), or other technology support? Contact Connect Cause for a free technology assessment to see how you can benefit from their wide array of cost-effective services.



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