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With strict budgets and limited resources, it’s easy for nonprofits to get left behind in the age of digital transformation. Only 11% of organizations view their team’s approach to technology as ‘highly-effective,” and are often unaware of affordable IT solutions.
With the support of a nonprofit IT partner, technology can transform nonprofit operations and ease everyday burdens and challenges.
Digital Transformation
Now, more than ever, basic technologies are available to nonprofit organizations at lower costs. Cloud-based phone systems have replaced traditional landlines, helping organizations save on hardware costs and upgraded features. Computers and tablets have become more affordable due to innovations in technology and increased competition. Software such as Engage is available at no cost to nonprofits, allowing organizations to manage their constituents, staff, and donors without paying for an expensive CRM application.

Digital Transformation looks different for each organization. With lower-cost options now available for nonprofits, it’s easier than ever to streamline operations. Whether you’re transitioning to a cloud phone system, CRM application, or upgraded hardware, investing in your IT infrastructure is a step in the right direction. Partnering with a Nonprofit IT Provider such as Connect Cause will help drive innovation, streamline processes, and improve operations.


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