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In the last 18 months, organizations across the world have adapted to remote working environments. Due to flexibility, safety, and cost reductions, many have decided to remain completely or partially remote. One of the primary concerns when operating a nonprofit remotely is maintaining efficient communication among employees, constituents, and volunteers.  At the beginning of 2020, both corporations and nonprofits scrambled to implement video conferencing solutions, and quickly discovered breaches in security and unwanted visitors.

For nonprofits that communicate with students, government entities, or violence victims, security is of the utmost importance. Microsoft Teams provides comprehensive security features that allow users to customize their experience with as much or as little security as they need. These features can eliminate unwanted visitors, prohibit recording, and limit what is shared on-screen. Additionally, you can prohibit the exchange of information with individuals outside of the organization and protect user data from unwanted viewers.


Although compliance has always been required of many organizations, there are now additional security concerns when conducting business via the internet. Microsoft Teams is the superior choice for ensuring constituent security, and provides a robust array of additional features that promote accessibility and convenience.

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